Improve experiences for Equativ products

Year Jan 2020 - Nov 2023

Role Product designer

The company

Equativ, formerly known as Smartadserver, is a French adtech company that provides an advertising monetization platform for advertisers and publishers globally. Founded in 2001, the platform was initially designed by developers and lacked a product designer until 2018. I joined the company in 2020 as the second product designer to be hired.

My role

I co-led the design department, overseeing the entire design process from research to development follow-up, establishing and maintaining design systems and branding guidelines for consistency, collaborating closely with developers and stakeholders, managing design sprints, conducting usability testing, analyzing analytics, creating iconography and motion design elements, and mentoring apprentices.

Product presentation

During my time at Equativ, I was in charge of one of those products called Equativ Buyer Connect.

This product aims to empower advertisers by providing them with greater control over their online ad purchases. It streamlines the process, allowing them to efficiently set up deals and display ads, ultimately making the entire process easier and quicker for them.

I mainly work on this product thought my time at Equativ.

Equativ review

It works well. Campaigns are easy to set up. You can track impressions and clicks with little discrepancy.

Equativ review

It's easy to use with a wonderful intuitive user interface making it amazing on all screen sizes. It is also easy to navigate across. Their free trial will also help you use the offer without any commitments

Campaigns project

Presentation & features

The main aim was to provide advertising campaign management tools to buyers (advertisers and agencies). This allows them to set up multiple ad placements that act like “deals”. They can customize these placements to make their campaigns more detailed and specific (Setting up different target audiences "25yo sporty male" for specific ads as an example).

I worked hand to hand with the PO and PM, to arranges architecture and list all the features that will be include in this project.

High-fi mockups and iteration

After few iterations, we stated on a single full workflow in order to start user tests.

Usability test

We conducted around 10 interviews with different companies, each involving multiple testers on the call. The interviews were introduced by the Product Owner (PO) or Project Manager (PM) and led by me. The test was divided into three steps: a brief introduction about the project, followed by the test where I provided them with a scenario to complete in 15 minutes using a prototype. Finally, there was a Q&A session with the testers, during which I asked prepared questions and facilitated open discussions about their impressions and feedback.


I conducted usability tests to evaluate additional features that were not initially prioritized in the MVP. The preset feature was initially excluded from the MVP, but after testing the prototype and having discussions, we received great feedback about it. Consequently, we decided to incorporate the idea into the roadmap after discussions with the development team as a quick win.



As mentionned earlier Equativ was formely Smart ad server with a completly different branding.

I worked on rebranding our design system to align with Equativ's branding.

We had approximately 200 components and variants in total. The objective was to only modify colors, fonts, and small parameters to ensure that the development team would be able to implement changes in the most efficient way possible.

The other product designer and I reviewed and submitted all the selected design system rebranding to the product team. After discussions, everyone agreed on one iteration.

Menu revamp


One of the key projects that I worked on was the menu revamp for Equativ's second product. This other product was developed before Equativ Buyer Connect, so there was a significant number of features to revamp.

The first step in understanding and resolving the problem was to conduct interviews with customers and collaborators.

On the other hand, I redesigned the architecture of the current menu to properly rework it without missing or disrupting important workflows.

Iteration, tests and final decision

After a lot of iteration and tests, we finally agreed on one iteration to start to integrate into the product.

You can check my other

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You can check my other project or contact me